Notes from my studies, especially in yoga, support, and any and all conferences I can manage to attend.

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    How strong is your ego?

    I’m back in Brazil for the next two weeks. Brazil, the land that pushes every one of my social anxiety buttons. Where I often want to simultaneously crawl under a rock and stand on a soap box airing my grievances.

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    Knowing When to Rest

    Last week, I came to a big personal decision. I’m taking a break from Crossfit. I’ve been dealing with some injuries on and off since late December. Despite throwing a bunch of medical modalities at them, my body still isn’t feeling right.

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    Say It Again: Picking Good Cues

    Last week, during my physical therapy session, my PT cued me: “Push through your heel.” I was doing a movement for shoulder-stability. Lying on my back, arm raised with a dumbbell overhead, I had to bring my leg over to the other side. When I pushed through my heel, I pushed myself all the way over. “Oops, bad cue!” he said, laughing and apologetically.