Crossfit Sant Martí

Crossfiteira: Training as a Foreign Athlete

As a frequent traveler and a Crossfit athlete, I often find myself in Crossfit boxes where I’m training in my non-native language. In fact, I’ve done most of my Crossfit training in Brazil, so hearing instructions in Portuguese is essentially my default. That also means I’ve developed quite a few skills for learning how to deal with training in a language where I may not be 100% fluent. Or, worse yet, where my fluency goes down the more my central nervous system is taxed. (Don’t talk to me in Portuguese after heavy deadlifts – it just won’t work!)  Continue reading

Mental Blocks: Breaking Through the Wall

“You had that!” is probably one of the most common things I hear when I’m training. As a lifter who struggles with confidence, I often bail our of pure fear. All the technical elements are there, but my brain isn’t.

It’s something I’ve been struggling with for almost a year now. Last October, I started working with my first coach who’s training style was very different from mine. While I saw a lot of technical improvement with him, I also developed a lot of self-doubt. With the Olympic lifts in particular, I ran into a very hard, solid, and dense mental wall. Repeatedly. Continue reading

How to Prioritize Rest and Recovery

About a week ago, I was offered the opportunity to start doing 1-1 coaching with the head coach at my box. He has a fantastic style that I appreciate — he’s extremely observant, honest but not judgmental, and perceptive to a tee.

In the first few weeks of training with him, he started giving me some extra workouts to prepare for WODSunset. Each time I looked at his prescribed workouts, I just started laughing. It was like staring at a long list of every one of my weaknesses. How did he know?  Continue reading