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    Eating Locally: Philly Foodworks

    Now that I’m settled in Philadelphia, I’ve had more of an opportunity to start developing routines and to explore all the things city life has to offer. While it’s awesome to be able to walk everywhere (I’m a sucker for a good parking spot, and then never moving my car), I’ve been having even more fun exploring all the different food options.

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    Omnivore: What’s on my plate

    I’ve been procrastinating on writing about this topic because it’s not clean. It’s not clear cut. I have a lot of conflicting feelings about it. Yet those are the topics that are most interesting. Nothing in life is clear cut. However, I find I respect and enjoy most people who dig into those gray areas. That’s where the meat of the matter is, so to speak.

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    I Am Not a Machine: More than calories

    The other week, I posted about that New York Times article on wellness and diet culture. Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own relationship with food and nutrition. If we live in the ocean of diet culture, there are definitely days, weeks, and years when I’m the fish that asks, “What is water?”

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    That Wellness Article (or “I still don’t know how to eat”)

    The wellness industry is the diet industry, and the diet industry is a function of the patriarchal beauty standard under which women either punish themselves to become smaller or are punished for failing to comply, and the stress of this hurts our health too. I am a thin white woman, and the shame and derision I have experienced for failing to be even thinner is nothing compared with what women in less compliant bodies bear. Wellness is a largely white, privileged enterprise catering to largely white, privileged, already thin and able-bodied women, promoting exercise only they have the time to do and Tuscan kale only they have the resources to buy. Finally,…

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    Weighted Language

    Last week, I was talking with a friend about how I had taken some time off from Crossfit. The first thing she said? “You don’t even look like you gained weight or anything. You look exactly the same!”