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    I’ve been having a hard time writing here. Sometimes what’s most important is just writing. Something. So it doesn’t feel like the last “Published” date is getting smaller and smaller in your rearview mirror. Lots of things are different right now, so why wouldn’t this be?

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    Bye Bye 2017

    2017 was quite the infamous year. Especially politically. Especially in the US. I remember that I rang in the New Year somewhat anxiously, at home, barely staying awake late enough to see midnight roll around. For the past few years, I’ve found it hard to get excited for the new year and, honestly, prefer to wake up the next day well-rested instead of well-celebrated.

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    2018 Reading

    For the past few years, I’ve done a tarot reading as a meditation and ritual to prepare for the new year. I truly enjoy the idea that by looking for meaning in symbols, I can identify with themes, struggles, and hopes for the year to come. Often, halfway through the year, I’ll look back at my reading and see if anything still resonates or if a different meaning pops into mind.

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    Sabbatical: Week 2

    My second week on sabbatical feels like it went by super fast, and also incredibly slowly. This week it also hit me that a lot of my self-esteem comes from work. Without it, I have these moments of just sitting on the couch all mopey like, “Now what?” On the flip side, I also have all these little projects that I started, so I see I’m trying to fill my day up with “other” work — which is cool, but also something I’d like to avoid a bit because having time to do nothing is just so rare.