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    dot blog

    A new address, a new design. I just activated, replacing my previous site address, and felt I needed a new design for the revamp. Exciting! I’m so proud of the work we’ve done on the .blog TLD and I can’t wait to see where it goes. In the meantime, as a brand spankin’ new .blog domain owner, it’s time to get to blogging.

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    A couple years ago, I came across Gala Darling by selecting her video – Radical Self Love –  from the list of TED Talks that needed translation. In it, she opens with a heartbreaking statistic. Only 4% of women would call themselves beautiful. After finishing the translation, I got curious about this feminine, powerful, fierce woman and did some digging into her website, which is filled with travel, fashion, self-love tips and exercises, astrology, witchiness, and pretty much every other thing I find myself in love with and drawn to. She’s bright, she’s honest, she’s thoughtful, and the group of people who collect around her are equally positive and interesting.

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    Boy and the World

    The film started from very specific issues in the world, in particular Latin America, but halfway through the journey we felt the necessity to have more universal ideas that were not so specific. They didn’t need to be specifically South American or Latin American. Instead we discovered we were talking about human beings in general. We realized that these are not issues only pertinent to Latin America: poverty, misery, consumerism, etc. -Alê Abreu, “How ‘Boy and the World’ Director Alê Abreu Handcrafted His Heartfelt & Dazzling Animated Masterpiece” When things get busy, I like to take a moment to ask myself what I need. Is it calling up a friend…