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    Boy and the World

    The film started from very specific issues in the world, in particular Latin America, but halfway through the journey we felt the necessity to have more universal ideas that were not so specific. They didn’t need to be specifically South American or Latin American. Instead we discovered we were talking about human beings in general. We realized that these are not issues only pertinent to Latin America: poverty, misery, consumerism, etc. -Alê Abreu, “How ‘Boy and the World’ Director Alê Abreu Handcrafted His Heartfelt & Dazzling Animated Masterpiece” When things get busy, I like to take a moment to ask myself what I need. Is it calling up a friend…

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    My Life as a Teenybopper

    Each year at the Automattic Grand Meetup, each one of us Automatticians gives a short, four minute “flash talk” about any subject of our choosing. Most of the time, the process is agonizing for me. How to choose a topic that sounds interesting and cool to hundreds of people you like a respect? I’m still working on that. 

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    If you were stranded on…

    I come from a long line of worriers. Women who’ve perfected the art of double- and triple-checking locked doors, repeatedly asking “are you sure?” until rage or frustration sets in, and quickly jumping from the most benign scenario to the world’s worst personal apocalypse. Frankly, it’s a skill.

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    Harry Potter and the Destroyer of Assumptions

    Apparently I was a huge snob as a 10 year old. At the time, I was gung ho about reading and especially hung up on the Spookesville series by Christopher Pike. (I still stand by those being some of the best Young Adult books I’ve read.) My lovely, wonderful family members were kind enough to take my interests to heart and often bought me books as presents. One Christmas, this included the first Harry Potter book.

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    A Day in the Life

    Some members of Automattic decided to take this week to shed a bit of light on what it means to be a remote worker. As part of our efforts to share our experiences, those of us participating will be chronicling our day under the tag #a8cday. Check it out! Here’s my Monday as a member of the Happiness Hiring team and lead of our Store Happiness team.