• Travel

    Eating and Walking through Lisbon

    Oh, hi there! Happy 2020. I normally post a year-end recap on my blog, but 2019 just didn’t allow it. In December, I took some vacation time to unwind and show my in-laws around the US for their first trip here ever. It was a lot of fun, and also really relaxing. It also meant I did not open my computer pretty much the entire time that I was off.

  • Nutrition

    Eating Locally: Philly Foodworks

    Now that I’m settled in Philadelphia, I’ve had more of an opportunity to start developing routines and to explore all the things city life has to offer. While it’s awesome to be able to walk everywhere (I’m a sucker for a good parking spot, and then never moving my car), I’ve been having even more fun exploring all the different food options.

  • Lift

    New Students: Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

    Starting something new is awkward. Especially when it comes to classes, skills, or even just a new location, there’s always an adjustment period. You don’t know where anything is. You don’t see any familiar faces. You don’t get the inside jokes.