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Billowing Beauty

From On-Verge:

Next to a GNC, a Duane Reade, and a busy New York hotel, a colorful wonderland inhales and exhales in a storefront window Mid-town.  The “wonderland” is Anne Ferrer’s latest installation, Billowing Beauty, on view at The LAB, a midtown art gallery that specializes in “outrospectives.” The Paris-based artist works in fabric and air, so to speak. Using brightly colored textiles, she crafts oddly shaped creatures or objects that are then inflated by fans, creating a living choreography in her sculpture-esque work.

You can read the whole story here.

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Art x Women and the Affordable Art Fair

New post up at On-Verge about the Art x Women series at the Affordable Art Fair this year:

Nine galleries  collaborated to host the first-ever section dedicated to work by women artists at an art fair. Though the feminist art movement rose to prominence during the cultural revolution of the 1970s, many hurdles continue to exist in publicizing and popularizing contemporary feminist art. More recently, through the effort of feminist artists, curators, and organizations, women-produced art has seen a resurgence with large-scale exhibits, such as WACK and ELLE@centrepompidou.

Upon entering AAF, visitors who exited from the middle elevator were greeted by the pop art paintings of two naked women by artist David Bromley. In the midst of a crowded fair like this, one couldn’t help but think that the ironic positioning of these pieces was rather apropos, further proof of the necessity of a specifically feminist space in the large event hall.

See the full article here.

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Move aside George Washington Bridge, there’s a new icon in Northern Manhattan

About 80 arts and community enthusiasts gathered at the Inwood Center on Mon., April 25 to pick the poster design that would be used for the ninth annual Uptown Arts Stroll, which begins in June. The winner was Inwood-based artist/graphic designer Tony Peralta whose poster incorporated an iconic image of the Little Red Lighthouse.

“People love to use the bridge [in their designs],” Peralta said. “But this is putting the [George Washington Bridge] in the background.”

Peralta first used the photo he took of the Little Red Lighthouse on postcards and in original prints. While some of the other poster designs that were finalists featured the George Washington Bridge, and it featured prominently in the posters used to promote the Stroll over the past two years, Peralta’s design was a “remix.” “People really gravitate toward it,” he said.

Read the full article at The Manhattan Times.

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But that’s a different story… at A.I.R. Gallery

My review of A.I.R. Gallery’s But that is another story… is up on On-Verge, CUE Foundation’s new alternative art criticism blog. The show was great and I especially loved Jeanette May’s bachelor series. (Some of the “bachelors” were at the opening reception, as well, which is always fun and surreal.)

Check out the full article at On-Verge. For more information about the show, hit up A.I.R. Gallery.

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Sonic Art and Activism

Pack a panel full of the likes of feminist superstars Lorraine O’Grady, Kathleen Hanna, Damali Abrams, and Shizu Saldamando and you are bound to draw a crowd. Roughly 100 folks showed up to “Sonic Art and Activism: Feminist Art and Popular Music,” organized by A.I.R. Gallery Director Kat Griefen and Art History Professor at the University of Colorado-Denver Maria Elena Buszek. The event was held at the SOHO20 Gallery in New York today, February 13, 2011. Continue reading Sonic Art and Activism