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    365 Photos – 37/52

    My photo-editing-fatigue may be lasting more than a week. Most of these pictures were taken on my phone, but I did try out an animated GIF which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Photography is what it is and in both writing and images, the struggle is typically in capturing the moment. I’ve been growing increasingly curious of what that desire means in the context of an moving image, without it being film.

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    365 Photos – 32/52

    This past week was one of the strangest and busiest of the year. Somewhat spur of the moment, I decided to head down to Washington, DC on Thursday to apply for a tourist visa for some upcoming travel to Brazil. I used to live in DC and, after I moved, promised myself I would never go back. No need, and absolutely no desire. It became this mythical beast in my mind. However, when it came down to the choice of going to DC to give myself a good chunk of time for my visa (which worked!) or cutting it far too close for comfort in NY, I went with DC.

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    365 Photos – 30/52

    It just occurred to me today that 30/52 means I’m more than halfway through the year. When I first started, that felt like so long away, and now it feels like summer is (already) almost over and it’ll be time for a new challenge. Crazy. 

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    365 Photos – 27/52

    Looking through the pictures I took this week, I realized I’m relying way too heavily on my iPhone for when I want to snap something quickly. I see such a big difference between the quality and composition of shots when I’m using my camera versus editing on the iPhone.

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    Vale, Sevilla

    Last week, I visited Spain for the first time. I was fortunate enough to be selected as a volunteer for WordCamp Europe – which, as a side note, was one of the best WordCamps I’ve been to. It was so well-organized with a group of fantastic speakers and the overall atmosphere was just awesome. I wish I had some reason in my life to sit in a room like that all day and listen to everyone communicating in such a wide variety of languages, to the extent that most folks seemed to forget which language they should be speaking. Europe, you’re a very special place and I adore you.