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    Top 5 Flexibility Wins

    (Thanks Cesar for the idea!)  Between working in technology and spending the rest of my time doing Crossfit, I see a lot of mobility issues on a daily basis. Mobility isn’t a one-time thing, but an ongoing practice. Even now, almost twenty years down the line, I still have to remind myself that I can’t do a split like I did when I was taking gymnastics classes. At least, not without a proper warm-up like my little ten-year-old self could do.

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    Resting Between All or Nothing

    I always love to read articles and books about balance and rest, about how we focus so much on going going going that we need to find time to stop and pause. Whether it’s a social media cleanse or a meditation retreat, I often find myself thinking, “I should try that!” Yet on a day-to-day basis, I always find an excuse as to why I can’t, especially when it comes to training.

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    Too Nice

    I’ve been thinking about confidence a lot lately, and what it means to be the one to empower yourself. There’s so much power in not seeking validation elsewhere. But where does confidence come from?

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    All Play and No Work

    Today is the big day. It’s my first day back at work since my three-month sabbatical. It feels like it’s been an eternity since my first day of vacation in November, and yet it also feels like it’s been years since I’ve logged into my team Slack or dove into the world of ICANN.