• Lift

    We Survived the Double IG Challenge

    I have a pink sticky note next to my desk that says “Compete.” One of my goals during my time off was to really focus on my training and participate in my first crossfit competition. I’m happy to say I can now check that off my list. (Though I’ll be adding a new competition soon enough to replace it.)

  • Travel

    Gramado, Brasil

    German architecture, changing autumn leaves, hot chocolate, Tibetan temples, and snow are rarely the images that come to mind when most people think of Brazil. But Gramado isn’t like anywhere else I’ve seen in Brazil.

  • Play

    Boy and the World

    The film started from very specific issues in the world, in particular Latin America, but halfway through the journey we felt the necessity to have more universal ideas that were not so specific. They didn’t need to be specifically South American or Latin American. Instead we discovered we were talking about human beings in general. We realized that these are not issues only pertinent to Latin America: poverty, misery, consumerism, etc. -Alê Abreu, “How ‘Boy and the World’ Director Alê Abreu Handcrafted His Heartfelt & Dazzling Animated Masterpiece” When things get busy, I like to take a moment to ask myself what I need. Is it calling up a friend…