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    To Caffeinate or Not to Caffeinate

    Let’s start with this: I love coffee. I started drinking it absurdly young. I vividly remember going with my parents to the local diner as a kid, ordering coffee, and loading it up with milk and sugar, only to drink it from a straw. By the time I was seven, I had my first espresso which my parents were not expecting me to down in one shot like medicine.

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    Morning Tea

    I am on my final sips of a lukewarm mug of tea that I started almost an hour ago. During an interview once, the woman I was meeting with looked down at her takeaway cup of coffee and announced “Ah, these are just props anyway.” Each time I reach for my mug, I remember I’m just using a stand-in for what I really want: strong, hot, caffeine-laden coffee.