Strength and Body Image

At the grocery store, I reached behind one of the employees to grab something from the frozen foods section. “Excuse me,” he said, “but what kind of exercise do you do?”

As a woman, “excuse me but” can be a dangerous phrase that typically leads to some kind of small, frustrating microaggression that usually has to do with my appearance and the general audacity of being a woman out in public.

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St. Teresa and the Single Ladies

Women in my family have given up homes, friends, careers, the pursuit of advanced degrees within months of completion to become housewives, stay-at-home moms, or to work in jobs they never would have chosen to pay their male partner’s way.

I understand that this was my female relatives’ choice. Yet I also know how infrequently you truly make the choice to sacrifice something you love; it’s more like a slow erosion. You give up one small thing, which makes it easier then to give up another, then another.

A fascinating read from Jessica Crispin in the New York Times on the choice of being single.

Theorizing the Web

Last weekend, I attended Theorizing the Web (h/t Andrew) in Brooklyn, NY. There were many amazing talks throughout the conference, many of which I’ve been processing and ruminating on over the past week. True to their description, Theorizing the Web had an interesting mix of pure theory and applicable lessons from the web. Continue reading “Theorizing the Web”