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    I heard a podcast about Mother! about a month ago, but apparently none of it stuck with me. I remember the vague sensation of “Oh, I’d like to see that,” but cannot recall any of the conversation around what the movie was about. That may also be because it’s almost impossible to say what it’s about. (I’m also finding it impossible to say if I liked it. Or not.)

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    I went to see Paterson primarily because I’m homesick and I get a special type of enjoyment out of seeing NJ’s hills, changing leaves, and, sometimes crumbling, brick architecture in it’s larger, more Northern cities. Guffaw all you want at the statement, but New Jersey is beautiful. Plus, my father’s family is from Paterson, as is Allen Ginsberg, and I always liked that connection.

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    From the NSA to Dogs

    I recently watched Citizenfour, a fantastic documentary about Edward Snowden and the NSA. Everyone should see it. It’s a heavy dose of realism that’s painful to take in, but an absolute requisite that we do so, especially in this new year. 

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    El Abrazo de la Serpiente

    The Embrace of the Serpent is not a light-hearted, “I’m in the mood for a movie and some popcorn tonight” kind of film. It’s dark and heavy and scary and, as some critics have said, is at times reminiscent of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now. 

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    I intended to go see Fed Up, a documentary on processed foods and the American diet, as part of my personal challenge to cut out added sugar for 10 days. (In case you were wondering, still going strong.)