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Why Italy?

DisclaimerI’m always hesitant to post about plans before they happen since you can never plan for something 100%. But since my plans are about as solid as they can be, here goes.

Seven years ago I stood on a dock overlooking the Adriatic Sea and announced to a friend standing nearby that I wanted to live here. By here, I didn’t mean Trieste specifically, but Italy in general. Having been in the country for a few weeks by that time, it had already captured my heart. Continue reading Why Italy?

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More than a vacation

For the past year, I’ve been working with the wonderful group of people at italyMONDO to start the process of becoming a dual Italian-American citizen.

My family immigrated from Italy a few generations back. However, because they never renounced their Italian citizenship, my grandmother, mother, and I were all eligible for Italian citizenship through our bloodline. At least, that’s the very simplified way of putting it. Continue reading More than a vacation

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Rome, Italy, and more

Rome, the Eternal City. My Fellini-loving, La Dolce Vita-admiring, Cacio e Pepe-eating self couldn’t wait to see this gorgeous city. I’ve traveled to Italy a few times before, but had never gone to Rome. It sounds like an egregious oversight, but Rome always seemed like the sort of place that deserved more than a few measly hours eked out of a hectic train trip.

Continue reading Rome, Italy, and more