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    How strong is your ego?

    I’m back in Brazil for the next two weeks. Brazil, the land that pushes every one of my social anxiety buttons. Where I often want to simultaneously crawl under a rock and stand on a soap box airing my grievances.

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    Squat-Tested: My Favorite Leggings

    There are so many pet peeves to choose from when it comes to women’s clothing. The completely inconsistent sizing. The frequent lack of functionality. The lack of pockets, of course. That it often seems to be made of tissue paper which is completely see-through.

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    On the Road: Staying Healthy While Traveling

    There’s little as exciting as pulling out your suitcase and beginning to pack for a new adventure. No matter how many times I do it, I love the feeling of pulling up to the airport, baggage in tow, getting ready to explore a new city or place. It’s the wide-open sensation of possibility.

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    It’s My WOD and I’ll Cry if I Want To

    “Why don’t you just stop for now?” Gustavo was practically pleading with me this morning. “No,” I sniffled and growled. “I’m not going to not finish.” (For some reason, when emotional, I default to double-negatives.) I rubbed my palms against my eyes to remove the tears, took a deep breath, and stepped under the bar. 

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    Survive Challenge: Staying Focused

    The past weekend, Gustavo and I competed in our last competition in a while: the Survive Challenge. Rather than going alone this time, we paired up as a team. It’s rare for competitions to offer mixed-gender teams in CrossFit, so when we have the opportunity, we usually jump on it.