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    It’s My WOD and I’ll Cry if I Want To

    “Why don’t you just stop for now?” Gustavo was practically pleading with me this morning. “No,” I sniffled and growled. “I’m not going to not finish.” (For some reason, when emotional, I default to double-negatives.) I rubbed my palms against my eyes to remove the tears, took a deep breath, and stepped under the bar. 

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    Morning Rituals

    I love having a routine. While I truly admire people who seem to thrive in the midst of chaos, I am just not one of them. Without taking the time to create a sense of order for myself, I become forgetful, I lose things, and I stumble over my thoughts. 

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    Breath Control

    It’s dawn and I’ve just drawn myself out of bed. I grab my yoga mat, sit down, and breathe. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. I think back to my to-do list, pause, and come back to the sound of my breath.