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    365 Photos – 31/52

    I’ve been so preoccupied this week. My brain is all scattered and I’ve been taking pictures last minute, but keeping my camera with me. Even on the way back from buying dog food, I had to put my groceries down, pull my camera out, and take a picture of the church in Hoboken before picking everything back up and continuing on my way. 

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    One Woman Show + Analogue

    I never knew much about Yoko Ono aside from the fact that my mother didn’t like her music. However, a few years ago, I interned at the A.I.R. Gallery. A.I.R. was the first feminist art gallery in North America and the artists that are part of A.I.R. were, and are, amazing, eye-opening, and perpetually inventive. I remember hearing about Yoko Ono in the context of a few of our events, so knowing that she was involved in feminist art piqued my interest about her, though I still never gave her the attention she deserved.

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    Johns and Wright, A Weekend Pairing

    My interest in architecture generally begins and ends with George Costanza’s many failed and fraudulent attempts on Seinfeld. Of course, I interact with architecture on a daily basis, but all those angular lines and mathematical equations always kept me at arms distance. Despite my lack of interest, I remember first hearing of Frank Lloyd Wright after visiting a museum with my Girl Scouts troop at some point in my relatively distant past. If my memory isn’t lying to me, I remember being struck by the way in which his buildings blended in with the natural atmosphere around them: a wooden and sunny house surrounded by a wooden and sunny forest.