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    Comfort vs. Belonging

    Spring is my favorite time of year in New Jersey. The air loses its crispness. The ground defrosts and softens. Flowers blossom. Birds chirp. Everyone is in their t-shirts looking for a reason to be outside, feeling the sun on their arms.

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    The Joy of No Things

    My first attempt at moving internationally was about 10 years ago, to Paris, France, when I first started university. Almost as soon as I arrived, I realized that France was, in fact, not where I wanted to be. After about a month, I’d withdrawn from college and made my way home, back to NJ, suitcases in tow.

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    Why Italy?

    Disclaimer: I’m always hesitant to post about plans before they happen since you can never plan for something 100%. But since my plans are about as solid as they can be, here goes. Seven years ago I stood on a dock overlooking the Adriatic Sea and announced to a friend standing nearby that I wanted to live here. By here, I didn’t mean Trieste specifically, but Italy in general. Having been in the country for a few weeks by that time, it had already captured my heart.