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alla Romana: Working Out and Eating in Rome

After our trip to Barcelona, we took one week to visit one of my favorite cities in the entire world: Rome. In fact, I love it so much, I almost moved there about two years ago. (I even had the tickets bought and everything, but that’s a whole different story.) This trip was my first time back since then, so it was significant for me to be able to spend time soaking in the Eternal City.  Continue reading alla Romana: Working Out and Eating in Rome

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Rome, Italy, and more

Rome, the Eternal City. My Fellini-loving, La Dolce Vita-admiring, Cacio e Pepe-eating self couldn’t wait to see this gorgeous city. I’ve traveled to Italy a few times before, but had never gone to Rome. It sounds like an egregious oversight, but Rome always seemed like the sort of place that deserved more than a few measly hours eked out of a hectic train trip.

Continue reading Rome, Italy, and more