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I didn’t realize I liked loved Bruce Springsteen until I moved to Washington, DC. After six months in the capitol, I realized I was indescribably homesick and wanted to get back to the Garden State ASAP. To tide myself over, I played “Born in the USA” and “The River” on repeat in my room, desperately applying for jobs back home.

Last night (thanks to this guy), I finally got the chance to see The Boss play live — in our mutually beloved state, no less. It goes without saying that I’ll be recovering for a while: four hours of non-stop music. Being in New Jersey, the crowd would go insane any time Jersey was mentioned in a song. I, for one, lost my voice. What can I say? We’re a proud bunch. Continue reading Bruce

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“Knowledge of places is closely linked to knowledge of the self, to grasping one’s position in the larger scheme of things, including one’s own community, and to securing a confident sense of who one is as a person.”  Keith Basso, Wisdom Sits in Places

I’m lucky: I have my family, and I have friends who are like family. For Thanksgiving, I went to a one such friend’s house for dinner in my hometown. For the most part, I moved away from South Jersey when I was 18. I rebelled, with an appropriately dramatic teenage flair, against where I grew up. Not one for the quiet life, I was drawn to the stimulating toughness of the city.

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