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    See You Later, 2015

    I’ve seen some people, at the beginning of the year, choose a word that defines a focus for them. But I like to do things backwards. In retrospect, I’d say the word of the year for 2015 was depth. It was a year full of a lot of changes, and a lot of introspection. Asking myself what it is that I truly want in life, what brings me joy, what habits are helping and hurting me really preoccupied my mind over the past twelve months. 

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    Hello 2015

    I have a document in Evernote called Personal Goals (A bucket list, if you will). In it, I’ve listed various experiences, accomplishments, trips, etc. I’d like to achieve at some point in my life. Like most of these things, it’s a living document and I remove things just as much as I add — it’s silly to hold yourself to resolutions that no longer serve you. Sometimes, there is just a brief window that needs closing.