Forty Four

I don’t remember my grandfather, but from what I’ve heard, my semblance to him is uncanny. Both in terms of my appearance, and my personality. In family photos, I was always the only one with naturally blonde hair and light eyes. “Where did you get that from?!” someone would invariably ask. From my grandfather, along with his desire to always be learning and an appreciation for bitingly sarcastic humor.

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I must have still been in high school when I found this piggy bank in a thrift store way out in Berlin, NJ — a city not nearly as exciting as its name would suggest. For some reason, I’ve been oddly attached to it for as long as I could remember, even making some efforts to “restore” it way back when I wanted to go into art restoration as a career path. Continue reading

If you were stranded on…

I come from a long line of worriers. Women who’ve perfected the art of double- and triple-checking locked doors, repeatedly asking “are you sure?” until rage or frustration sets in, and quickly jumping from the most benign scenario to the world’s worst personal apocalypse. Frankly, it’s a skill. Continue reading