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365 Photos – 45/52

It’s cold out, which means I’ve been staying inside. And since it’s almost a full year (!) that means I’ve already taken all of my inside pictures in the apartment. Such challenges.

On a more serious note, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to turn the camera on yourself and self-portraits/selfies/etc. I follow a fair amount of fashion bloggers, particularly those who focus on body positivity and diversity and I seeing all different types of people in my feed makes me feel good.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 45/52

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365 Photos – 41/52

I skipped a week. After I noticed I’d forgotten to take a picture for days in a row, I took it to mean that I really needed the break from doing something every day, even if it only takes a few seconds. As someone who likes to respect those instincts, I gave myself the week off, so to speak.

This week I’m in Park City, UT for the Automattic Grand Meetup. I love the Southwest – the mountains, the colors of the changing leaves, the different climate, etc. So looking out my window and seeing this gorgeous view has been fantastic already, not to mention seeing all of my coworkers. There’s so many of us, it’s amazing.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 41/52

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365 Photos – 38/52

I know I’m obsessed with sunflowers, but I’m a little bit in love with this old man sunflower I found in Belmar, NJ on Saturday. I was walking to my car when I passed it and needed to stop to grab a picture. There’s something so frail and delicate about a dying sunflower.

Continue reading 365 Photos – 38/52

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365 Photos – 31/52

I’ve been so preoccupied this week. My brain is all scattered and I’ve been taking pictures last minute, but keeping my camera with me. Even on the way back from buying dog food, I had to put my groceries down, pull my camera out, and take a picture of the church in Hoboken before picking everything back up and continuing on my way.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 31/52

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365 Photos – 30/52

It just occurred to me today that 30/52 means I’m more than halfway through the year. When I first started, that felt like so long away, and now it feels like summer is (already) almost over and it’ll be time for a new challenge. Crazy.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 30/52

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365 Photos – 28/52

Finally, no iPhone shots this week. I definitely hit a mid-challenge slump, so to speak, but I think I’m back on board. Over the weekend, I made my way to Central Park for a picnic with some of my fellow yoga teacher trainees. It was really nice to catch up with a bunch of folks, meet new friends, and hear about everyone’s teaching/learning experiences. It finally got me to a real, group yoga class for the first time in way, way too long. It was fantastic, but I’m still so sore.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 28/52

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365 Photos – 20/52

I’m working on a post about my trip to Portland, and my notes from the fantastic Write the Docs conference. In the meantime, I took pictures. I was a little distracted this week, so I’m not super excited about each and every one of these, but I particularly enjoyed stumbling across the heart graffiti while on my trip.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 20/52