365 Photos – 31/52

I’ve been so preoccupied this week. My brain is all scattered and I’ve been taking pictures last minute, but keeping my camera with me. Even on the way back from buying dog food, I had to put my groceries down, pull my camera out, and take a picture of the church in Hoboken before picking everything back up and continuing on my way.  Continue reading

365 Photos – 28/52

Finally, no iPhone shots this week. I definitely hit a mid-challenge slump, so to speak, but I think I’m back on board. Over the weekend, I made my way to Central Park for a picnic with some of my fellow yoga teacher trainees. It was really nice to catch up with a bunch of folks, meet new friends, and hear about everyone’s teaching/learning experiences. It finally got me to a real, group yoga class for the first time in way, way too long. It was fantastic, but I’m still so sore.  Continue reading

365 Photos – 26/52

Sevilla! I have a bunch more pictures to edit, but in the most unsurprising statement ever: Spain was absolutely gorgeous. The architecture was just fascinating, as well as the colors of the city. I’m looking forward to sharing more of those photos in the next few days. Continue reading

365 Photos – 24/52

I forgot the charger for my camera’s battery, which means I was relegated to iPhoneography this week. I feel like I’m not able to hone in on the composition as much as I’d like when using just my phone, but I also like being forced to play with the idea of not having as much control.  Continue reading