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    Back when I was a wee high schooler, and when Soft Skull Press has a brick and mortar, I picked up a small poetry chapbook at random and immediately became enamored. I always loved reading, but poetry, I thought, this would be my thing.

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    Quote: David Kirby

    Carbon, nitrogen . . . there was an explosion, and now you have to pay attention to everything. At the party, everyone was talking about the crappy TV series that’s so popular, and you didn’t say you wanted better, wanted more. —From today’s Poem-A-Day, I Have Not Come Here to Compare Notes But to Sit Together in the Stillness at the Edge of This Wound

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    I must have still been in high school when I found this piggy bank in a thrift store way out in Berlin, NJ — a city not nearly as exciting as its name would suggest. For some reason, I’ve been oddly attached to it for as long as I could remember, even making some efforts to “restore” it way back when I wanted to go into art restoration as a career path.

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    Sunflower Sutra

    It’s no secret that Allen Ginsberg is my spirit poet. (Yes, I’m making up that phrase.) I first came across his poetry as a teenager and quickly fell in love with the Beat Generation. In high school, I used to carry a picture of Allen Ginsberg around with me, until my dog ate it. I spent hours trying to memorize all of Howl and later got more than one tattoo commemorating my love for this poem, and others, written by my favorite New Jerseyan.

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    Keep writing poems

    Do you ever walk down the street on a sunny day and hear a phrase of music and feel your sternum crack open just a tiny bit? Do you know what I mean when I say that? It’s a feeling. It’s not a theory. It can’t be pinned. It’s what I want to capture every time I write a poem and I keep writing poems because I never think I’ve captured it. From Life is Short, Art is Long: Poetry.