365 Photos – 34/52

I took so many pictures this week, and I know I’ll be taking even more next week because I leave for Brazil tomorrow. In one week, it’ll be my birthday, which I keep forgetting and I’m also oddly excited about. I usually go to a pizza place on my birthday, but this year I had originally made plans to go to Paris, since I’d celebrated my 18th there. (I’m turning 28, so exactly 10 years.)  Continue reading

365 Photos – 33/52

This week was full of freedom and summer. I feel like I took off from my home a lot more than usual. In something completely outside of my daily habits, I took a run early in the morning and saw a beautiful sunrise.

I also picked up a sketch pad for the first time in a while to practice drawing and am embarking on an unofficial poem a day project once again. I’m always most productive at this time in the summer.  Continue reading