• Nutrition

    Being a Vegetarian Athlete

    First things first, there should be a little asterisk next to vegetarian. I stopped eating meat – as in, anything with eyes – when I was thirteen years old. Yup, it’s been a whopping eighteen years. My vegetarianism would be graduating high school if it were a person.

  • Travel

    Pt.3: Back to Rio

    Before we left for Maceió, I was angry at Rio, and at Brazil, and at Portuguese, and at culture shock. I was just petulantly repeating “nothing works” for about three days in a row.

  • Create,  Learn

    DIY Protein Bars

    I wrote before that I’ve been extra sensitive to my diet these days, meaning little to no soy products. I also do a fair amount of weightlifting which, for me, means being mindful of how much protein I get since I’m also vegetarian and could easily live on pasta and pizza for the rest of my life.