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Hikes, and sunsets, and beaches, oh my

Last time I went to Los Angeles, I left thinking that it might be the place for me to live.

However, I’ve learned some lessons over the past year. Useful ones. And I try to put them into practice. Like, it’s always good to do a test run before making a big life change, if you can.  Continue reading Hikes, and sunsets, and beaches, oh my

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Los Angeles

Remember the season finale of Mad Men when Don Draper goes out to California and he’s super lost about his purpose in life and where he belongs so he tags along on a retreat? Like a true New Yorker he’s all sarcastic and refuses to buy into the crunchy, granola culture-type thing and then he has a breakdown/breakthrough at the end.

I feel a lot like that after going to LA for the first time.  Continue reading Los Angeles