Quote: David Kirby

Carbon, nitrogen . . . there was an explosion, and now you have to pay attention

to everything. At the party, everyone was talking about the crappy TV series
that’s so popular, and you didn’t say you wanted better, wanted more.

—From today’s Poem-A-DayI Have Not Come Here to Compare Notes But to Sit Together in the Stillness at the Edge of This Wound

SNAP Challenge

I don’t know what happened to that student of mine. I worked my butt off to make sure he learned how to read—I still remember the first time he got an “A” on a grade-level reading comprehension quiz. I’d like to think that he went on to take long showers or enjoy the dizzying array of food choices in his college cafeteria—or that he became a Rhodes Scholar like Booker. I am hopeful, but I also remember just how much that child had to overcome to simply get to school every day.

Liz Dwyer, Why We Can’t Ignore the Caveats to Cory Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge